Is Sterling moving to Chelsea? [Solved] (2022)

Is Raheem Sterling going to Chelsea?

Raheem Sterling: Chelsea sign forward from Man City for £47.5m, with Thomas Tuchel saying he was their number one transfer priority. Raheem Sterling has completed his move to Chelsea from Manchester City in a deal worth £47.5m and Thomas Tuchel said he was "super happy" to land the forward.... read more ›

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Who is the latest Chelsea signing?

Chelsea confirmed the signings of Raheem Sterling from Manchester City and long-term club target Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli while on pre-season then quickly completed the signings of Gabriel Slonina, Carney Chukwuemeka and Marc Cucurella.... view details ›

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Is Ronaldo coming to Chelsea?

Cristiano Ronaldo will not be joining Chelsea with the Blues ending their interest in signing the Manchester United forward following the arrival of Raheem Sterling.... view details ›

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Is Sterling right or left wing?

Sterling is finding himself in the right position so regularly that it is inevitable that he will continue to make things happen – whether for himself or others. He has also created more chances from open play than any other player in the Premier League since the start of last season.... see more ›

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How much Chelsea bought Raheem Sterling?

Sources have told ESPN that Sterling joins Chelsea in a £47.5 million deal rising to £50m with add-ons.... see details ›

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Where has Sterling gone to?

Raheem Sterling has joined Chelsea, bringing an end to a magnificent seven-year stay with City.... read more ›

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Which players are coming to Chelsea 2022 2023?

  • Kepa Arrizabalaga. Goalkeeper. Nationality Spain. ...
  • Marcus Bettinelli. Goalkeeper. Nationality England. ...
  • Édouard Mendy. Goalkeeper. Nationality Senegal. ...
  • Marcos Alonso. Defender. Nationality Spain. ...
  • Thiago Silva. Defender. Nationality Brazil. ...
  • Trevoh Chalobah. Defender. Nationality England. ...
  • Ben Chilwell. Defender. ...
  • Reece James. Defender.

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Who is Chelsea buying?

Chelsea have confirmed an agreement for the transfer of left-back Marc Cucurella from Brighton in a deal worth in excess of £60m.... read more ›

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Which player is coming to Chelsea 2022?

Chelsea New Signing 2022/23
PlayerAgeFrom Club
Marc Cucurella24Brighton
Raheem Sterling27Man City
Kalidou Koulibaly31SSC Napoli
Carney Chukwuemeka18Aston Villa
1 more row
... read more ›

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How many goals did Ronaldo scored against Barcelona?

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo - 20 goals

The 37-year-old has netted a number of goals against top clubs, including Barcelona. He has scored 20 goals against the Blaugrana in four different competitions. All but two of those strikes came during his nine-season stint at Real Madrid.... see details ›

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How old is cr7?

... view details ›

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How much is Sterling worth transfer?

Raheem Sterling's deal to join Manchester City from Liverpool will set the Citizens back approximately £100 million over his five-year contract. The two clubs have agreed a deal worth £44 million and £5 million in add-ons, reported by John Cross of the Mirror.... continue reading ›

Is Sterling moving to Chelsea? [Solved] (2022)

How much does Sterling cost in FIFA?

Sterling FIFA 22 is 26 years old and has 4* skills and 3* weakfoot, and is Right footed. Sterling's price on the xbox market is 11,500 coins (43 min ago), playstation is 12,250 coins (10 min ago) and pc is 10,500 coins (5 min ago).... read more ›

How old is Sterling?

... view details ›

Which players are coming to Chelsea 2023?

Chelsea FC » Transfers 2022/2023
01/23Gabriel SloninaGK
07/22Kalidou KoulibalyDF
07/22Raheem SterlingFW
07/22Ethan AmpaduDF
17 more rows

Is Neymar coming to Chelsea?

We 'signed' Neymar for Chelsea in July 2022

As well as Neymar arriving, the likes of Antonio Rudiger, Cesar Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen all left the club. Neymar became the Blues' star player under Thomas Tuchel in his first season at the club, making 54 appearances across all competitions.... view details ›

How old is Sterling?

... read more ›

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