Is 23 the last FIFA? (2023)

Is there gonna be a FIFA 24?

We can reveal that there will not be a FIFA 24 as EA Sports are rebranding and calling the game EA Sports FC. Speaking about the new and upcoming game, EA Sports said: “This new independent platform will bring fresh opportunity – to innovate, create and evolve.

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Why will FIFA 23 be the last?

The latest installment of FIFA 23 will be the last under the partnership between the two entities. After this release, all future games will cease using the FIFA name or branding, and the World Cup will also cease being a part of it as an official FIFA event. Instead, the game will be renamed EA Sports FC.

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What is the next FIFA after 23?

EA Sports FC Will Be The New FIFA 24.

Is FIFA 23 better than 22?

In this comparison, FIFA 23 fares much better than FIFA 22. And if you do not have any of these games yet, and are wondering which one is worth investing in the most – choose the unimaginably epic gameplay in FIFA 23.

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Will FIFA 23 be fixed?

But EA has now confirmed they have fixed a dribbling issue in FIFA 23, with AcceleRATE values unimpacted by the update. Rather than Lengthy players being patched, EA has fixed a bug that has been impacting Controlled and Explosive players since the game's release.

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Will FIFA 23 be crossed?

When FIFA 23 launches for the first time, cross-play will be enabled by default. You can edit your cross-play opt–in status through the Online Settings screen which can be found in FUT, VOLTA FOOTBALL and the FIFA main menu.

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Is FIFA going to be discontinued?

Long story short: yes, FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA-branded game that EA Sports makes for the foreseeable future.

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Why are they discontinuing FIFA?

The FIFA video game will be disappearing after the maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Instead, EA Sports FC will be introduced from 2023 after the company creates the final game in partnership with FIFA later this year.

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Is FIFA 2023 worth buying?

Overall, FIFA 23 does what's expected and has a lot of scope for improvement. However, it's the best football video game that a lover of the sport can get today. While eFootball 2022 is free, it doesn't have enough content for starters.

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Who will host 2030 FIFA World Cup?

Saudi Arabia (an AFC member) has been linked with a bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

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Where will 2030 World Cup be held?

Spain, Portugal, Ukraine joint bid for 2030 World Cup

Spain and Portugal became the second official bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup after their October 2020 announcement.

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Who will host the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

The United States will host 60 matches, including every match from the quarterfinals onward, while neighboring Canada and Mexico will each host 10 matches. The tournament will be the first hosted by three nations. Argentina are the defending champions.

Is 23 the last FIFA? (2023)
Is FIFA 23 slower than FIFA 22?

FIFA 23 is a much slower game than FIFA 22, but it has improved on player movement and game mechanics so it can be as smooth and realistic as possible.

Are FIFA 23 graphics better?

FIFA 23 is a significant upgrade from FIFA 22, with the game featuring best-in-class graphics, responsive gameplay, cross-play, women's domestic leagues and much more besides.

Is FIFA 23 Career Mode good?

FIFA 23 is one of the best sports games in the business, and one of its best features is the career mode. This lets you take charge of a club — real or imaginary — and take it to the top, buying players, unearthing future gems, and winning trophies along the way.

Will there be tattoos in FIFA 23?

Among the new cosmetics that can be applied in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs are tattoos, a feature that players have been calling for ever since they were added to the game's real-life players. Players will be able to give their Pros extra personality by plastering their arms with ink.

Is FIFA 23 any different?

Enhancements in gameplay

EA continues to make improvements in gameplay and in FIFA 23 they have introduced the Hypermotion2 Technology. This will help the game capture twice as much real match data with over 6000 true-to-life football animations, delivering realism at its best.

Has Lengthy been nerfed FIFA 23?

EA Sports has pushed its latest title update for FIFA 23 and, in doing so, has "nerfed" one of the game's most welcomed features.

Will there be FIFA 25?

Yes and no – FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA game as developed by EA Sports, but it is not the final whistle on the series. Back in May 2022, it was announced that FIFA 23 will be the final one from EA as the gaming developer announced they were giving up the FIFA licence.

What will replace FIFA?

EA promises "the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes," so FIFA fans can rest easy. EA Sports FC will be the new name for the publisher's football series when it releases next year, with FIFA 23 being the last instalment in the franchise as we know it.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 from ps4 to ps5?

All progress you make or content you acquire within FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (including players, items, coins, FIFA Points, match record, and leaderboard placement), as well as all progression in VOLTA FOOTBALL will transfer from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 and back, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S and back.

Is FIFA losing its name?

Beginning in 2023, EA is ending its partnership with FIFA, and dropping its name from its annual soccer series. Instead, EA's series will now be named EA Sports FC.

Who will take over FIFA?

EA Sports has announced that FIFA 23 will be the very last in its long-running series of football video games - to be replaced by a new franchise called EA Sports FC.

Is EA done with FIFA?

The breakup means that EA's series will no longer be able to call itself FIFA—it will now be known as (the less catchy) EA Sports FC—and will lose access to global tournaments, following with the Women's World Cup in 2023.

Is FIFA 23 pay to win?

Pay to Win

As with the game's predecessors, the most popular mode in FIFA 23 is the “pay-to-win” mode FIFA Ultimate Team. The only way to quickly get good players on your team is to invest hard-earned money in the game.

Does FIFA happen every 4 years?

The World Cup has been played every 4 years since its inaugural tournament in Uruguay in 1930, and played every 4 years since, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of World War II.

Why do people keep buying new FIFA?

Well you should buy a new FIFA game every year because the roster changes and EA games usually stops providing support for the FIFA game about a month or two to the release of the next game such that the players don't get updated and neither do the formations and tactics.

Is FIFA 22 the last one?

So, while FIFA 23 is the final FIFA game from EA, fans of the franchise should feel right at home with EA Sports FC from next year onwards.

Is FIFA 2023 coming out?

When will FIFA 23 be released? EA Sports sticks to a Friday release in the final week of September and we can grab a copy of FIFA 23 on September 30, 2022.

When did FIFA 24 release?

FIFA/FC Series: Titles, Covers, and Release Dates Over the Years​
TitleRelease Date
FC 24 (FIFA 24)Sep. 2023
FIFA 23Sep. 30, 2022
FIFA 22Oct. 1, 2021
FIFA 21Oct. 9, 2020
34 more rows

Is FIFA shutting down?

On February 14, 2023, EA is dropping the online servers for a slew of FIFA games, including FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, and FIFA 19. These include every version of the game, from the PC port to the Switch, to the PlayStation and Xbox.

Is EA going to stop making FIFA?

Video games publisher EA Sports has announced it will stop making Fifa branded football games from 2023. The company confirmed it is ending its partnership with the football governing body, but will continue to make football video games which, from 2023, will have a new name – EA Sports FC.

Why is EA stopping FIFA?

The FIFA soccer video game that gamers have enjoyed for years will disappear after its maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Electronic Arts Sports will instead introduce a new game — EA Sports FC — for 2023. The EA partnership with FIFA ends later this year.

Will there be a FIFA in 2026?

There will be a total of 80 matches in this tournament, out of which Canada and Mexico will host 10 matches each. The United 2026 bid beat a rival bid by Morocco during a final vote at the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow. It will be the first World Cup since 2002 to be hosted by more than one nation.

Is FIFA 23 worth buying?

Overall, FIFA 23 does what's expected and has a lot of scope for improvement. However, it's the best football video game that a lover of the sport can get today. While eFootball 2022 is free, it doesn't have enough content for starters.

Who will host FIFA 2030?

Saudi Arabia (an AFC member) has been linked with a bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

Where will FIFA 2034 be held?

Zimbabwe (potentially with Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia)

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