How much does frenkie de Jong earn per week? [Solved] (2022)

How much is De Jong salary?

As part of an agreement struck on the watch of Laporta's predecessor Josep Bartomeu, De Jong is set to earn €18mn ($18.4mn) this season and €88.58mn ($90.2mn) over the last four years of his contract.... read more ›

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How much does De Jong earn in Barcelona?

As per the renegotiated deal, de Jong earned just €3 million fixed salary in 2020/21 and €9 million in 2021/22, giving up as much as €16 million in total, which will need to be paid across the four remaining years of his contract.... see details ›

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Who is the highest paid player in Barcelona 2021?

Frenkie de Jong is Barcelona's highest-paid player with a weekly wage of £354,000.... continue reading ›

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How much is Ansu Fati salary per week?

#6 Ansu Fati - €268,269 per week

The 19-year-old signed a six-year contract last October which has made him one of the highest earners at the club. Fati earns €268,269 in weekly wages at Barcelona.... see more ›

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Who owns Barcelona?

FC Barcelona is owned by its registered members and supporters and does not follow the private models of ownership followed by many clubs in the Premier League. Like a few other clubs in Spain, Barcelona follows the 'socio' system of ownership and is entirely owned by the fans of the club.... view details ›

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What is the net worth of Lionel Messi?

It's thought that Messi's net work is 400 million dollars, as per Goal. His sources of wealth are listed as football contracts, endorsement deals, and investments.... continue reading ›

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How much does Shakira make a year?

Shakira's net worth was $300 million in 2021 and recently it was announced that her net worth has reached $350 million. Shakira is making more than $30 million annually.... read more ›

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How much does Messi earn per week in Barcelona?

The $126m he earned in 2020 meant Messi earned $10.5m per month and a weekly wage of over $2.4m.... continue reading ›

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Where does frenkie de Jong live?

According to Sport, De Jong has told his Barcelona teammates that it is impossible that he will leave the club this summer, and he has no interest a transfer. He recently bought a house in Pedralbes, the most sought-after area of Barcelona and has no plans to leave the city any time soon.... see more ›

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Who is the best player in Barcelona 2022?

Who is the best player in Barcelona 2021/2022? Currently the best player at Barcelona is Jordi Alba. His performance index is 84, he scored 2 goals and provided 10 assists. With 7 shots on goal and a conversion rate of 25% he is at the moment 84 in the La Liga.... read more ›

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Who is Arsenal highest paid player?

Jesus is expected to earn £264 000 (R5. 2 million) a week with the north Londoners, almost tripling what he was earning with the Citizens. If reports are to be believed, the forward is now Arsenal's highest earner, surpassing Partey, who is currently earning £200 000 (R3. 9 million) in wages.... read more ›

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Who gets paid the most in Barcelona?

Barcelona highest-paid player per week? Frenkie De Jong is currently Barcelona's highest-paid player with a weekly wage of £470,371. He has signed a contract till the summer of 2026. Previously, Lionel Messi was the highest-paid Barcelona player who joined PSG on a free transfer last summer.... continue reading ›

How much does frenkie de Jong earn per week? [Solved] (2022)

How much does Luuk de Jong earn?

Salary Luuk de Jong

Capology Dec 2021: Luuk de Jong (Centre-Forward) has 1 year and €1,200,000 gross remaining on his contract with Barcelona (La Liga), expiring on Jun 30, 2022. Luuk de Jong, who is 31 years old, will earn a Gross Salary of £1,200,000 for the 2021-2022 Season, or €23,077 per week.... read more ›

What is Pogba's weekly salary?

Paul Pogba Salary Slashed

The midfielder's decision to snub United's offer of a new deal was seemingly motivated by more than money because his contract at Juve is reportedly worth just £130,000 per week (less than £7m per year).... read more ›

How much does Ronaldo make a year?

... see details ›

How much does Martin Braithwaite earn?

Martin Braithwaite has become the richest player at Barcelona, thanks to his smart business decisions off the pitch. He reportedly earns four million euros per season at the Camp Nou, yet it is his work off of the pitch that has led to his massive wealth.... read more ›

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