How do people with amputated legs drive? (2023)

Can people with leg amputations drive?

People with all levels of limb loss or limb difference can still drive a car. Depending on the level or type of limb loss or limb difference as well as your use or non-use of a prosthesis, you may need to choose an automatic transmission.

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How do you drive if you have no legs?

How do I drive a car if I can't use either of my legs? - Automatic and Mobility Instruction
  1. Use a steering ball with your left arm. ...
  2. Use a ring accelerator and brake lever. ...
  3. Use an electric mini steering wheel, an electric gas/brake joystick, an electric handbrake and an electric gearstick.

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How do people with amputations drive?

Those who wear a prosthesis on one arm may use it to assist their other hand with bracing the steering wheel or activating the blinker and other controls. Bilateral amputees may wear a prosthesis on one or both sides in order to be able to hold and turn the steering wheel and operate various controls.

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Can a person drive a car with a prosthetic leg?

The good news is that many amputees can in fact drive!

Many individuals who have lower limb prosthetic devices can drive vehicles safely and effectively with a few modifications. This enables you to live your life more normally, relying less on others for transportation.

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How do you drive if your legs are paralyzed?

Joysticks can be installed for easier driving, pedals can be moved around in the case of paralysis of the legs and feet, and steering can be adjusted if your hands or fingers have mobility issues. You can also have your driver's seat changed and have automatic doors installed – and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Do you need two legs to drive?

There is no law on the books that says you can't drive with both feet. In fact, there are times when it makes more sense to drive with both feet. So, why then do we have this idea that it's so wrong to do so? It boils down mostly to comfort.

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How many legs do you use to drive?

Basically, a manual car has three pedals, one each for the accelerator, brake and clutch. The brake and accelerator pedal are operated through the left leg, while the right leg is for the accelerator.

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Why do you only use one leg to drive?

The prohibition against using your left foot for the brake originally came from the fact that all cars had manual transmissions — so the left foot was needed for the clutch.

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How do crippled people drive cars?

Hand controls act as a solution to this problem. Hand controls can be outfitted on most vehicles and allow the driver to control the gas and brake pedals using their hands. The push/pull style of hand controls is one of the most common, and adds a lever attached to the pedals below or next to the steering wheel.

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What do paralyzed people use to drive?

Electronic Gas/Brake Lever used with left arm and Electronic Wheel used with right arm for steering. A tri-pin steering device allows someone without finger function to turn the steering wheel.

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